How it Works —The Process & What to Expect

We believe that working cooperatively with clients, local governments and the building trades is essential to a successful project.

Looking initially at the history and character of each building site – whether a natural setting, an existing building or a neighborhood – our design process weaves in the needs and ideas of clients, skillfully negotiates the challenges of regulations and technology, and develops interesting and workable design solutions. We not only pay close attention to design details, but also to the details of project delivery and team communication.

Below is a basic breakdown of the design process to realize a project.  Note the scope of our service is tailored to each project; what follows is not to be construed as definitive.

The first stage of our service is SCHEMATIC DESIGN:

  • Review your project objectives and needs.
  • Visit the site to understand its opportunities and constraints.
  • Review the property’s zoning requirements and, if necessary, have a pre-design meeting with Planning Department staff.
  • Prepare preliminary sketch plans of the site and building layout for review and comment.


  • Development schematic design considering building materials, structure, site planning, interior features and space planning.
  • Provide drawings of interior spaces and exterior appearance of the building to enable you to evaluate the practicality and character of the overall design.
  • Meet with you periodically to review the evolving design, construction solutions and budget.
  • Apply for and negotiate any “planning” approvals such as Variances, Development Permits or Rezoning.


  • Provide architectural working drawings to meet  Building Permit and Building Code requirements.
  • Provide Contract Documents (drawings and specs.) for tendering and constructing the work, including if part of our agreement: lighting plans, millwork and cabinet drawings, building details, doors and hardware, window schedule and interior elevations .
  • Coordination of sub-consultants if required, such as structural, civil, geotechnical or other engineers, and landscape architects.
  • Apply for and negotiate Building Permit.

Construction begins! We help with FIELD SERVICES:

  • Assist you to pre-qualify builders suitable for the work, and tender the project.
  • Answer questions arising from the Contract Documents during tender and issue Addenda.
  • Summarize bids received and review builder selection with you.
  • Periodically review the construction work for conformance with the design intent of the Contract Documents and issue Field Review Reports.
  • Respond to construction inquiries with Site Instructions and Sketches.
  • Issue Change Orders to the builder to revise the work and the construction contract value.
  • Prepare a BC Building Code and Contract Document deficiency assessment for Substantial Completion of the work.

Throughout the project we are your resource for access to the architecture and construction industry.  Our wide experience will assist you with all aspects of the project, from driveways to door levers; from great rooms to elevators.