Sustainability —The Greenest Building is the One that is Already Built

A key principle of our practice is design that integrates sustainable environmental objectives into new and existing buildings.

We support sustaining the built environment first and foremost through revitalizing old buildings and using reclaimed building materials wherever possible. As a key aspect in supporting sustainable communities, Pattison Architecture appreciates and promotes finding sympathetic and sensible new uses for existing sites, buildings and materials.

Environmentally responsible and energy efficient features are a priority in all of our projects. We have experience implementing and sourcing:

  • high efficiency heating systems and glazing
  • energy efficient Dynamic Digital Controls (DDC)
  • sustainable material and finish selections
  • energy efficient “Power Smart” interior and exterior lighting
  • electric vehicle charging stations
  • low volume washrooms toilets and restricted faucets
  • sustainable construction materials and methods, regionally sourced and/or reclaimed
  • construction waste recycling
  • green roofs
  • geothermal energy